The Excitement of Adventure in the World of Virtual Reality in Singapore Headrock – When visiting Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore , don’t just play at Universal Studios Singapore or the SEA Aquarium. You also have to stop by one of the latest rides at Resorts World Sentosa called Headrock VR.

Yes, as the name implies, the first Digital Action Theme Park in Singapore presents the experience of playing Virtual Reality (VR) in a different way and sensation. Opened since last November, you will be invited to play various virtual rides that can stimulate adrenaline.
In Headrock VR there are 11 different attractions that are divided into three zones, namely the Blue Zone, Orange Zone, and Green Zone. In each zone offers various levels of difficulty and challenges that visitors can feel.

This is also what TRAVEL’s coil was trying to feel when visiting Headrock VR at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore, some time ago. While visiting, we were given the opportunity to try the four games there.
The first game that TRAVEL coils choose is Extreme Train, located in the Orange Zone. The wooden car welcomed us as we entered the vehicle, not to mention the VR already available on every bench.

When we sat down and put on VR, we were invited to go on an adventure ‘around’ Singapore by the train. The train track that goes up and down, to the valley that must be crossed makes us like he was riding a roller coaster. Exciting!

As if not satisfied with adrenaline in Extreme Train, the coil of TRAVEL again chose the next game that was no less tense, namely Storm Blizzard in the Blue Zone. As the name implies, in this game we are invited to explore cold ice mountains.
Even to create a cold atmosphere like in the mountains of ice, blankets are also provided so that visitors who come to feel warm. This is because in the room the game slot online is set like a very cold ice mountain.
Then, what about the game on Storm Blizzard?

Just like Extreme Train, at Storm Blizzard we are invited to adventure ‘escape’ from hunters by exploring the ice mountains. The fox that used to be on an ice train also seemed to take us to walk past a pretty extreme track.

As if they were not satisfied with playing with Extreme Train and Storm Blizzard, theTRAVEL coil again chose the Jungle Rafting game in Orange Zone. Uniquely, in Jungle Rafting there will be the sound of Seungri Bigbang that helps you explore various rivers in this game.
Seungri Bigbang himself is the president director of Headrock VR at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore. For that reason, Seungri also participated in this game.
In closing, TRAVEL coil tries to explore the amazon jungle which is full of zombies in the Horror Room. Here we are invited to adventure to avoid swarms of zombies who are ready to attack.

In addition to the four rides, for those of you who are interested in visiting here can also feel other rides. For example, such as Jump Jump, Flying Dive, and Beat Saber in the Blue Zone, Skyscraper in the Orange Zone, and VR Room, Robin Hood, and Zombie Buster in the Green Zone.

You can feel the adventure in the VR country by spending from 35 Singapore dollars or around Rp. 350 thousand to play in each zone. You can also play in 2 Blue Zone, 2 Orange Zone, and 1 Green Zone by spending 50 US dollars.
Want to play many games on Headrock VR? You can choose the Big 7 package, which consists of 2 Blue Zone, 3 Orange Zone, and 2 Green Zone, priced at 65 Singapore dollars.

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